I’m Ellie, founder of Joyful Birthing & Beyond

After the births of my two children, I left my career as a high school teacher to pursue my passion for birth work and have since earned certifications as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, birth doula, lactation counselor and sleep consultant. I am passionate about all things birth and baby but especially empowering women and their partners to make informed decisions about their birthing, to approach birth with a sense of trust and calm, and to ultimately have a safe, joyful birthing experience and a successful transition into the new demands of parenthood.

Our mission at Joyful Birthing & Beyond is to help parents understand the many choices available to them so they can make informed, autonomous decisions for themselves and their child. We respect that this is your birth and baby, and know that only you can determine what is best. With compassion, respect, and without judgment, we will support all of your choices and help you seek a positive birthing and early parenting experience.


We offer a variety of services to support families through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood, including online classes, HypnoBirthing® childbirth education, birth doula support, infant feeding education & support, and sleep support & coaching. For our in-person services, we serve the greater Boston area, southern New Hampshire, and surrounding areas

Joyful Birthing & Beyond was established in 2014 with the goal of educating, inspiring, and empowering women and their partners on their journey through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood so they can have an optimal experience, as *they* define it.


Sklyar McAlplin

My husband and I were blessed to have Ellie as our Hypnobirthing instructor and Doula for the birth of our first child. Our birth ended up being the all natural water birth we had dreamed of and we credit this greatly to our studying and practicing of Hypnobirthing under Ellie’s… “Sklyar McAlplin”

Becky Simon

Ellie is a truly amazing doula that I highly recommend! She is a kind, nurturing soul who has a wealth of knowledge and experience surrounding natural childbirth. I am so grateful she played such an integral role in bringing my son into this world. Ellie was by our side from… “Becky Simon”

Abigail Patel

Ellie gave me and my family the greatest gift: the umedicated birth of our second child. Ellie’s knowledge and passion guided us to the most perfect birthing day. Our child received the gift of entering this world peacefully and without medication and I received the gift of restored confidence in… “Abigail Patel”

Amanda Waddell

​After my initial doula went MIA, Ellie saved the day and took me on as a client just a few weeks before my due date. She graciously worked around our schedule and needs, and went out of her way to make my partner and I feel comfortable, ready for labor,… “Amanda Waddell”

Johanna Lam

We used Ellie as a birth doula for the birth of our daughter in January 2018 and then also followed up with a lactation visit. Her presence throughout the process provided us with a huge piece of mind, comfort, calm and reassurance. This was our first child. While I work… “Johanna Lam”

Kimberly Murray

As a first-time parent, I had a goal of a medication-free birth. Although my husband was on board, we felt that hiring a doula would help us navigate this new experience. We found Ellie on google and scheduled an online childbirth class with her as we could not attend our… “Kimberly Murray”

Jillian Archer

I was lucky to work with Ellie in two capacities. She was my hypnobirth instructor and I also hired her to be my Doula. She is amazing. Before meeting her I didn’t really understand what a Doula was and now I can’t imagine not having one! To say I was… “Jillian Archer”

Caitlin Haire

We took Ellie’s Hypnobirthing class and worked with her as our doula. As a result, I felt educated, empowered, and in control leading up to, during, and after the birth of my son. I knew early on that I wanted to do Hypnobirthing and to work with a doula –… “Caitlin Haire”

Rebekah Stafford​

Ellie is amazing, and I can’t recommend her more highly! Our daughter surprised us by coming a bit early, and I had only met Ellie for the first time 5 days before I delivered. We hadn’t even had time to have our pre-birth plan meeting, but when I called her… “Rebekah Stafford​”

Seth Dovev

Ellie is not only an amazing Doula and HypnoBirth coach but an amazing person. I first came into the Hypnobirthing course thinking this was a way for my wife to be prepared to deliver our daughter the way she wanted. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Ellie and talking… “Seth Dovev”

Sarah LoVasco

It has always been very important to me to have a natural childbirth. Upon learning that we were pregnant with our first child, my husband and I sought the support of a doula to help us move through the hospital / medical world while keeping our natural choices a priority.… “Sarah LoVasco”

Sarah Raboin

My husband Tim and I recently had the pleasure of working with Ellie throughout my pregnancy and during the birth of our first baby. A close friend recommended Ellie to us and we were immediately struck by her passion and knowledge regarding pregnancy and the birthing experience. We also had… “Sarah Raboin”

Elizabeth Hines

After a less-than-positive first birth, I knew I wanted to have a doula by my side at the birth of my second child. I’d first heard Ellie’s name in the early weeks with my first daughter — some local moms were talking about her breastfeeding class as an absolute lifesaver.… “Elizabeth Hines”

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