Kimberly Murray

As a first-time parent, I had a goal of a medication-free birth. Although my husband was on board, we felt that hiring a doula would help us navigate this new experience. We found Ellie on google and scheduled an online childbirth class with her as we could not attend our hospital’s classes due to work schedules. We decided to hire her as our doula because we appreciated her incredibly supportive spirit, as well as her ability to balance the current evidence with her professional experience. She was wonderful in helping me navigate the end of the third trimester; I had a slightly complicated pregnancy that would likely lead to an induction and I was nervous about how that might affect my birth preferences and goals. I asked her all my questions: she was available and responsive. She really helped me think through what questions to ask my provider at my prenatal appointments so that I was confident in making decisions that were informed and personal. In the end, I was able to have the birth that I had envisioned and felt so incredibly empowered by the entire experience. During labor, Ellie was a reassuring presence and was paramount in supporting my husband as he supported me. She was incredibly helpful in suggesting effective strategies to keep me focused, as well suggestions of when to transition to a different strategy to help progress labor. I undoubtedly believe that she was the key to my labor progressing so quickly and smoothly due to her timely suggestions, and effective support. She is everything that I had hoped a doula would be for our birth situation this time around. She filled the gaps between myself, the birthing person; my husband, the birth partner; and the medical providers, beautifully– seamlessly bouncing between them all so that I was able to focus 100% on childbirth. I am incredibly thankful for her support, and my husband and I have a beautiful and empowering memory of our daughter’s entrance into this world.

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