Sleep Support


Sleep is essential to good health and well-being but not always easy to come by during the early years with little ones. Many families get off an age-appropriate sleep schedule without even knowing it, inadvertently establish negative sleep associations and crutches, and find their entire family is not meeting their sleep needs.

As a Center for Pediatric Sleep Management Certified Sleep Consultant, I am here to support you one-on-one to create a plan that will work for your child and lead to more restorative, consistent sleep for the entire family! I have supported dozens of families (newborns-age 6) on their journey to optimize sleep.


As a pediatric sleep consultant, my role is to support families to improved sleep on terms that they feel comfortable with. As with many things parenting, there is a delicate balance between comforting our children and allowing them to learn how to comfort themselves. This is often the cornerstone of any sleep coaching method. The degree to which you will be involved in this process is entirely up to you!

I have expertise in a variety of methods, including very gentle methods that involve lots of parental support as well as methods that allow the child to develop independent sleep with limited parental involvement. As such, I can support families on terms they feel most comfortable with and develop a truly individualized plan. As your sleep consultant, I will work closely with you to select and refine an approach that you feel comfortable with, possibly pulling from several methods to strike the right balance for you & your child.

With consistency, commitment, and a bit of tenacity, we will work to give you & your child the gift of improved sleep!


*Customized sleep plan catered to address your child’s current sleep struggles & put you on the track to maximizing long-term sleep

*One 60-minute initial call

*One 30-minute follow-up call (to be used any time during your 2 week period)

*Unlimited text support between 9 AM-9 PM EST during 2 week period

*Unlimited email support during 2 week period



*Once you purchase your packet, you will complete a sleep questionnaire and schedule your initial consultation call with me. We will review in-depth the details of your child’s sleep habits and schedule, discuss your goals for our time together, and devise an approach that you feel comfortable with.

*I will then complete your individualized, detailed sleep plan, which will include an optimal daily schedule, step-by-step implementation of the decided sleep coaching method, and age-appropriate tips and tricks to set you & your child up for sleep success.

*Throughout this two week period, you will have unlimited access to me via email & text for questions, support, and reassurance as you implement the plan and troubleshoot any issues.



Submit $400 via Venmo to @Ellie-Lindenmayer or use the PayPal button below (an additional 3% processing fee). Once payment is received, I will send you the sleep questionnaire and we’ll get started!

ASK ME ANYTHING! 45-minute call: $100

Not ready or interested in a fully devised sleep plan but need some help with your child’s sleep? Book a call to pick my brain and ask me anything. I will share my expertise with you and help you find a way to troubleshoot your current sleep issue.

Submit payment via Venmo to @Ellie-Lindenmayer or use the PayPal button below (additional 3% processing fee). As soon as payment is received, I will schedule a call within 24 hours.



“We cannot express enough how helpful Ellie was to us after the birth of our child. She is experienced, supportive and detail-oriented, just what we needed to sleep train our 3-month-old son. From our first call with her, we knew we had made the right choice in hiring her. Ellie is knowledgeable and provided a sense of stability and calm from the outset. She is attentive, comforting, and makes herself available at almost any time of day or night. She was so helpful in providing us with a tailored sleep plan that took into account all the goals we hoped to reach by the end of our two weeks with her. She does not try to steer you in any particular direction, instead she gives you the resources and information necessary to establish your own goals and the support both you and your baby need to reach them. Ellie answered all our questions promptly and provided in depth answers whenever we needed them. The calls we had were incredibly helpful. Our son did incredibly well with the sleep training and we saw results within days of starting. Ellie was reassuring and made us feel so much more confident about starting the process. Now at 5 months our son has an incredible foundation of healthy sleep habits and a sleep plan that we still reference if we are uncertain of anything. We could not recommend Ellie enough!”

-Cordelia Mueller

“I am writing this as my baby sleeps happily in his crib! Ellie was enormously helpful when my partner and I were absolutely DESPERATE for sleep — she gave us practical suggestions to move our baby into healthy sleeping patterns — both at night and for naps. Her advice led us to much improved sleep for our baby — and sanity for his parents! We appreciated her kind, empathetic manner, sense of humor, and straightforward guidance.”

-Jessie S.

“Ellie helped us implement a great sleep plan for our toddler. With a new sibling on the way, we knew we needed to help our toddler overcome early morning wake-ups. Ellie gave us amazing age-appropriate tools to incorporate into our routine. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of baby and toddler sleep with the research to back her suggestions. Can’t recommend Ellie and Joyful Birthing & Beyond enough!”

-Christina Kennedy


WHY IS MY BABY/CHILD STRUGGLING TO SLEEP? There are a number of factors that can cause either short-term or long-term sleep troubles: being overtired, overstimulated, or an inability to self-soothe; having an inappropriate sleep schedule, suboptimal sleeping environment, or lacking an effective bedtime routine; or development milestones, illness, or physical discomfort.


WHEN CAN I SLEEP TRAIN MY BABY? While we can work to instill healthy sleep habits from day 1, babies are not developmentally ready for sleep coaching until they are 4 months old. Newborn sleep is unpredictable and not yet organized in any way. At 16 weeks, baby’s sleep shifts & develops significantly where their circadian rhythm/biological sleep clock matures, which means they will begin to follow a more clock-based schedule. At this age, babies develop the capability to self-soothe, put themselves to sleep without parental assistance, and link their sleep cycles to length naps and consolidate nighttime sleep.


WHAT EXACTLY IS “SLEEP TRAINING”? Sleep training is the process that parents go through to help their babies fall asleep independently and optimize the benefits of restorative, consistent sleep. Sleep training involves changing the parent’s behavior, as the parent is likely reinforcing the behavior that is needed to be fixed (thus, we are changing the child’s behavior by revising the parent’s behavior!). There are a variety of methods for teaching babies and children the gift of independent sleep- some include much parental involvement but most popular and effective are those that allow children gradually increasing intervals of time on their own until they fall asleep. Sleep training includes setting up age-appropriate sleep schedules, bedtime routines, and sleep environments, and essentially establishing the optimal conditions for children to sleep.


I AM HESITANT TO LET MY BABY CRY. IS IT SAFE TO LEAVE MY BABY TO CRY ALONE? Sleep training is both safe and effective; in fact, there are many scientific studies that demonstrate that children are not harmed in any way by sleep training. Research shows that toddlers who were sleep trained as infants are better sleepers overall compared to their peers who were not sleep trained and they exhibit no emotional or behavioral problems. A meta-analysis of sleep training studies shows that babies who are sleep trained are more secure, less irritable, more predictable, and cry and fuss less overall. Finally, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that crying involved in sleep training damages the parental bond or relationship. With that said, we will work together to design an approach that you feel 100% comfortable with!