Ellie Lindenmayer, HBCE, CD(DONA), CLC, MA

Ellie Lindenmayer, HBCE, CD(DONA), CLC, MA

Prior to founding Joyful Birthing in 2014, I taught high-school English for ten years and earned my master’s degree from Middlebury College. When I became pregnant with my first child, I took a HypnoBirthing class, which sparked my passion for safer, more informed and empowered birthing. After the power of my birthing experiences, I left my career as an educator to pursue my passion for birth work and have completed trainings with The HypnoBirthing Institute, DONA International, Gena Kirby Rebozo, Spinning Babies, Evidence Based Birth, and Academy of Lactation Practice and Policy. I hold current certifications as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, birth doula, and lactation counselor.

I am passionate about all things birth and baby but especially empowering women and their partners to make informed decisions about their birthing, to approach birth with a sense of trust and calm, and to ultimately have a safe, joyful birthing experience and a successful transition into the new demands of parenthood.

I believe that proper education, preparation, and doula support during labor and birth can make all the difference and can lead to what I always wanted for myself: an empowering and joyful birthing experience. Each and every birth I attend– whether natural, epidural or Cesarean– humbles me. Time and time again, I am awestruck by the beauty of birth and so deeply proud of the courage, love, and perseverance of each and every mother.

Since 2014 I have attended over 80 births, taught HypnoBirthing® to over 200 couples, and I have expanded Joyful Birthing, LLC to include a team of women dedicated to supporting women, their partners and babies. In addition to managing Joyful Birthing, I also work for Cleo as a Family Guide, helping 100+ families navigate the demands of pregnancy, postpartum, lactation, newborn care, parenting, and the transition back to work. It is a great honor to be of service to families during such a special time.



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My philosophy as the founder of Joyful Birthing is that it is your birth and baby, so only you can determine what is best. Our goal at Joyful Birthing is to help our clients understand the many choices available to them so they can make informed, autonomous decisions for themselves and their child. With compassion, respect, and without judgment, we will support all of your choices and help you seek a positive birthing and early parenting experience. As founder, I am always striving to offer ample access to valuable resources and to expand Joyful Birthing to meet the growing needs of our clients.


I am blessed to have a team of remarkable women working alongside me to expand Joyful Birthing’s offerings and support. All team members share the vision and passion for helping women and their partners achieve healthy, empowering pregnancies, births, and a successful transition into the joys and demands of parenthood.

Tara Stevens, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Tara is a trained birth and postpartum doula with over 10 years of experience serving families as a doula and midwifery assistant. She gained her first birth experiences as a volunteer doula at a freestanding birthing center in South Texas, followed by an intensive midwifery preceptorship at a rural clinic in Senegal. Since then, she has organized a community childbirth education group, assisted midwives at homebirths, and helped new parents to thrive as a doula. Whether practicing comfort measures with a pregnant couple, helping a mom keep her strength through a long labor, or working with a new baby to develop a comfortable latch, she is dedicated to supporting parents from conception through the first hard, rewarding year as a new family. She is currently pursuing her nursing degree with plans to continue serving growing families as an RN in 2021. Tara is the mother of 3-year-old twin girls who light up her world.

Joy Smith, Birth Doula

Trained as a Birth Doula in 2003 by Penny Simkin, noted author and co-founder of DONA International, Joy brings a wealth of experience in birth work and has attended over 100 births.  She has always had an interest in pregnancy and childbirth, but it wasn’t until birthing her own babies that the passion for helping others navigate their births was sparked. From 2004-2006 Joy completed her training in the art of homebirth through WomanCraft Midwifery School and gained further birth experience through her subsequent apprenticeship. Joy’s belief that emotional preparation is the key to a positive birth experience inspired her to become a Childbirth Mentor under the Birthing From Within philosophy so that she could compassionately guide parents on their unique birth journey. In 2014 Joy added to her birth work by becoming a Level II Reiki Practitioner and now enjoys bringing this gentle healing art form to pregnancy, birth and all who can benefit from physical and emotional healing. Joy is a mother to five amazing children, “Nani” to a sweet grandson, and a passionate homeschooler.

Kathleen Maillet, Birth Doula

Kathleen has been doing birth work since 2011. The birth of her daughter, Satya (age 18), remains to be the most empowering event of her life. It is this experience and her commitment to empowering women that led her to become a professional birth, a postpartum doula and a certified lactation counselor. In addition to her work in birth, Kathleen also has a career in healing as a Certified Reiki Practitioner and a Holistic Health Educator. As a doula, Kathleen is known for creating a team at the hospital, with your choices leading the way. It is Kathleen’s intention that your childbirth experience works for you. Kathleen considers childbirth to be a “right of passage” for every woman and is honored and privileged to be present to support and guide women and families during this miracle of life.

Hilary Witcher, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Hilary is Birth and Postpartum Doula, trained by DONA International, and a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. Pregnancy and childbirth have been her passion since she found out she was pregnant with her first child over 11 years ago. Her birth and postpartum experiences – both wonderful and challenging – fed her spirit and inspired her to give back to other new parents. This passion has stayed with her through the years as she’s worked with families and her own children have grown. Hilary participates in both Mt. Auburn Hospital’s Volunteer Doula Program and Joyful Birthing’s Mentorship Program. Hilary is here to help you and your family along your journey of parenthood in an open, non-judgmental manner. From your pregnancy through your birth and beyond, her hope is that her knowledge, experience and support can help guide you to have a positive birth experience and to become the parents you know you can be.