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We took Ellie’s Hypnobirthing class and worked with her as our doula. As a result, I felt educated, empowered, and in control leading up to, during, and after the birth of my son. I knew early on that I wanted to do Hypnobirthing and to work with a doula – my goal was to enjoy my pregnancy and birth experience. I felt lost and shuffled through the initial prenatal appointments and, combined with an impending cross country move at 20 weeks, confirmed that I wanted a consistent presence in my corner that had the experience and knowledge to guide me through such emotional and uncharted territory. After my preliminary call with Ellie, I knew I had found that person. Ellie helped me to trust my body and instincts and follow my heart, to not give into the birth narrative that permeates popular culture, and to believe that I could do it on my terms. She instilled in me the self-assurance to ask questions and advocate for myself. She was a trusted, calming voice of reason and a source of reassurance for both my husband and me. She freed us to focus on our son and ourselves and created a positive environment where we were in control. We were able to operate from a place of informed decision making based on our priorities instead of fear and protocol. Ellie did all the things I had expected from a doula – a trusted advocate who could guide and support both me and my husband – and then proceeded to top that. She gave me the confidence, strength, and clarity to take charge of our birth story. I can look back now and say that because of Ellie I had a positive birth experience even when things did not go according to plan (again and again). And for that, I am forever grateful.

About Author : Ellie Lindenmayer

Ellie Lindenmayer is the founder of Joyful Birthing & Beyond. She is a childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, birth doula, lactation counselor and sleep consultant. She is a mother of three and passionate about all things birth & baby!