Amanda Waddell

​After my initial doula went MIA, Ellie saved the day and took me on as a client just a few weeks before my due date. She graciously worked around our schedule and needs, and went out of her way to make my partner and I feel comfortable, ready for labor, and cared for. We kept in contact in the weeks leading up to b-day and she was always fast to respond and knowledgeable in answering my (many) questions. During labor, Ellie was everything you would want a doula to be–supportive, engaged, peaceful (may sound funny but it’s huge), and ready to do any/everything to bring my birth wishes to fruition. My labor was filled with intense back pain, and Ellie tried EVERYTHING to help relieve that–rebozo, hypnobirthing prompts, back massage, aromatheraphy, assisting my partner and mom in techniques to support me–I could go on and on. I felt like I was on another planet throughout most of it all, but I can remember Ellie’s calming voice and her confidence in me. That was key. I never would have made it unmedicated without her. The day after giving birth to our little girl, I spoke with many of the hospital staff who attended my labor and we all agreed that Ellie was amazing (and they know their doulas!). I couldn’t be more grateful for having her there with me. It was the hardest and best day of life all in one! ​

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