Conor & Robin

We decided to work with Jenny after a great interview- we could tell right away that she was exactly what we were looking for. We were really looking for someone to support us and make us a stronger team, and at the same time be ready and available to address concerns as they came up. Since this was our first child, we were a little bit nervous and Jenny was the perfect match for us, helping to melt away all of our concerns as she prepped us for the birth of our son. Beyond the preparations and serving as a resource, the most important thing that Jenny did was serve as an advocate for both of us, allowing us to have a wonderful experience. She was very calm and relaxed during the entire process and kept encouraging each of us to tackle our respective responsibilities so that as everything was unfolding, we each had the best experience together and were able to focus on each other and the baby! Jenny does a great job of understanding when to be involved and when to let the couple have their space. We felt that Jenny has a really good understanding and feel for a couples’ dynamics and helps to highlight their strengths, during a very stressful time – which takes the stress away. We would recommend Jenny to everyone having a baby, especially if you really want someone that understands how to guide a couple through the process and feel relaxed and closer than ever.

About Author : Ellie Lindenmayer

Ellie Lindenmayer is the founder of Joyful Birthing & Beyond. She is a childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, birth doula, lactation counselor and sleep consultant. She is a mother of three and passionate about all things birth & baby!