Abigail Patel

Ellie gave me and my family the greatest gift: the umedicated birth of our second child. Ellie’s knowledge and passion guided us to the most perfect birthing day. Our child received the gift of entering this world peacefully and without medication and I received the gift of restored confidence in myself as a mother and in my body that was designed to birth in this way. The way in which I birthed our first child left me confused, frustrated and lacking confidence. When we became pregnant with our second, we decided to find a doula to help us have a more positive birthing experience. We couldn’t be more thankful that we found Ellie. It was a perfect match. Ellie is incredibly knowledgeable, quick to respond to any questions and is the reason why we were able to have an unmedicated, peaceful and beautiful birthing day for our second child. She gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed to birth in this most natural way. During the birth, Ellie used essential oils, soft lighting, coached and guided me through every surge, used the rebozo for counter pressure and fed me water and ice chips. Her presence gave me peace and strength at the same time. Post birth, she gave me an essential oil foot massage that lulled me to sleep and I was able to get some rest. Two days after our birthing day, Ellie sent us the pictures of our birth experience and they brought joyful tears to my eyes. To see how relaxed and limp my body was, even though I was working hard mentally, was a beautful sight. This birthing experience has healed me in many ways and I will always be thankful to Ellie for this incredible gift. Because of Ellie, I no longer fear childbirth as I did after the birth of our first child. I no longer doubt my body or my mental strength.  My husband and I have the utmost respect for Ellie and we will always be thankful for her. Should we be blessed with another pregnancy, Ellie will be one of the first to know!

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