We found Ellie while we were looking for a hypnobirthing class in our area. Due to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to attend her class, but were immediately taken by her warmth and devotion to natural birth. I always wished I could have taken the course, so, instead, we hired her as our doula.

The process was seamless. We met at a coffee shop and got to ask each other important questions to make sure we were the right fit. Just like with my first birth, I was looking for someone whom I would like to see while I am going through something as intense as birthing. I wanted someone who would smile, be kind, remind me I was doing great, and create a pleasant atmosphere around me. We immediately hit it off, and she was an easy choice.

The week before the birth we were in touch, as I was upset that I may be late and might be induced. She assured me that there was still a good chance that it would not happen that way, and if it did, then that’s what the best thing was and it was OK. There would be a happy healthy baby at the end of everything. Just talking to someone who understood had a calming effect.

A few days later I went into labor (2 days after my estimated date). She was in touch by text and made me feel like someone was watching out for me. At the birth center, she put out candles and provided what I needed most: a smiling face to turn to. I can still remember Ellie and my husband looking at me in awe when I was going through the most intense parts. Even though I kept doubting myself, their faces made me feel like they knew I could do it, and I was not about to let them down.

We were very fortunate to have someone like Ellie provide guidance and important food for thought. She was knowledgeable, receptive and considerate to our unique thoughts and wishes, and was just a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Thanks Ellie!

-Ina Coveney


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