Seth Dovev

Ellie is not only an amazing Doula and HypnoBirth coach but an amazing person. I first came into the Hypnobirthing course thinking this was a way for my wife to be prepared to deliver our daughter the way she wanted. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Ellie and talking about what HypnoBirthing is about, I realized this was as important to me as it was my wife. I learned a LOT. I was able to ask any question that came to mind about labor and what to expect. These were sometimes ridiculous questions, especially being a new father. Every question as odd as it sounded, was answered. The Hypnosis and breathing was extremely helpful. Our conversations with Ellie felt almost like pre-birth therapy. We were going through something we’ve never experienced and Ellie was the support we needed to be prepared to enjoy the positive experience we were about to go through. The course was fantastic and we both learned exercises we could use if needed during labor and why and, most importantly, they worked! Heading into labor, I felt prepared and confident that our first delivery would be positive. During labor, I was able to focus on supporting my wife and she was able to to deliver naturally as we planned. My experience with HypnoBirthing was incredible and I would recommend this to any couple looking to explore ways to experience a natural birth. Ellie was available anytime we needed. When my wife went into labor, she got a call in the middle of the night and helped me focus on the hours ahead and what I needed to remind myself as we made our way to the hospital. The support during the last few hours of labor really helped my wife stay in the moment and allowed us to keep to our birth plan and enjoy our special day. My wife delivered naturally. We were so lucky to have Ellie help us through this experience!​​

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