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Doulas Are For Partners, Too!

One of the most common misconceptions about doula support is that doulas replace or take away from a partner’s role. I understand where this concern comes from but most doulas (especially the good ones!) make it a priority to involve, empower, and support the partner. 5 Reasons Every Partner Can Benefit from Doula Support 1. A Doula Helps the Partner Help the Mother Most partners want to be active participants in the birthing experience but do not know specifically how to best…

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The Key to an Empowering Birthing Experience

For many women an empowering birthing experience is hard to come by. Ask around and you will likely discover this for yourself. It is all too easy for a woman’s birth to slip out of her control and into the hands of procedure, routine, the clock, concern for liability, etc. But the key to an empowering birthing experience is not complicated; it does not require voo-doo, chanting, or even homebirth. When it comes to having an empowering birthing experience, it all comes…

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