Working with Ellie was one of the best choices my husband and I made to prepare for the birth of our third child! I was blessed with an absolute “textbook experience” for my first natural birth, but was left disappointed the second time around. Although I had a safe, natural delivery again, I didn’t feel that I was in control, and therefore lost the trust I previously had in myself.  I made it my mission to find the “dream team” for baby number 3.  As soon as we met Ellie, we knew from her calm demeanor, knowledge of childbirth and confidence in the body’s ability to labor naturally, that she was the perfect fit.  Ellie worked closely with us as we approached my due date and found out that my fluid levels were becoming dangerously low.  She helped me trust that I would still be able to birth naturally, and remain in control of my experience even when the decision to induce labor was made.  On the day before induction, she remained in close contact via phone, text, and email, allowing us to know she was there. When I began a Pitocin drip, she headed to the hospital to join us.  Ellie came armed with everything short of a spa.  She provided rebozo techniques, acupressure, massage, and mantra repetitions with me in the soothing environment she created through aromatherapy, music and LED candle light.  It was wonderful!  Ellie worked tirelessly with my husband and the hospital staff to create the best plan for helping to move labor along with as little intervention as possible. With her advice and guidance, we welcomed our son Thomas to the world after just 2 hours of hard labor, and an amazing 7 minutes of pushing.  The trust I had in my body, and my willingness to surrender to the idea that birth happens naturally was what made it possible…and Ellie was a huge part of that success.  I can’t imagine a better way to have completed our beautiful family of 5!

-Cate Cioni