Our family is so thankful that Ellie was with us during the birth of our daughter. I had a very healthy pregnancy and enjoyed the occasional phone check-ins with Ellie. When I was nine days overdue Ellie was reassuring and comforting. With Ellie’s help, I felt prepared for the natural birth that I’d hoped for but after 18 hours of labor our baby was delivered via C-Section. It was important to me and my husband that Ellie be in the operating room with us. Her calming presence helped maintain the peaceful birth environment I had hoped for. Ellie was incredibly supportive to my husband in what could have been an otherwise extremely stressful situation. She equipped him with tools and strategies that allowed him to stay involved in the labor process. After the birth, my husband accompanied our daughter to the nursery for testing and Ellie stayed with me. I wholeheartedly recommend Ellie as a birth doula. The support she lent to our entire family was invaluable.

– Erin Haggerty

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