My husband and I took HypnoBirthing classes through Ellie and had her as our doula for the birth of our son. We’re convinced both of those decisions were leading factors in having a successful, beautiful, (fast!) all-natural birthing experience. The HypnoBirthing classes prepared us for our son’s birthday with relaxation techniques but, most importantly, knowledge of the entire process so that we felt comfortable and confident when the day arrived. Having Ellie as our support person leading up to and during our labor was amazing. She checked in every week until I went into labor, patiently answered all of our questions, and when my water broke, as the first person my husband called! Ellie made our hospital room feel calm and comfortable (and not “hospital-like”) with LED-candles and essential oils. She was a constant, calming presence for both myself and my husband, helping me maintain my HypnoBirthing mindset and helping my husband be an active part of the entire labor and delivery. We are eternally grateful to Ellie for all that she did for us and will absolutely be asking her to be our doula again!

– Erin Watson

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