Postpartum Doula Support


The need for support does not end after the birth; in fact, many women find they need the most support after baby arrives. A postpartum doula is professionally trained to provide unbiased, evidence-based education; compassionate attention and support for the infant, parents, and other children in the family; and quality referrals and access to a larger community of support, when necessary. Postpartum doulas at Joyful Birthing are here to help make your postpartum experience easier and more enjoyable, offering infant care and education, guidance with infant feeding, sleep support, self-care for the mother, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and sibling care. With expertise in the many demands and joys that the postpartum period brings, our postpartum doulas will help to ease and enhance the transition to life with a new baby. Our postpartum doulas offer both daytime and overnight care with a minimum of 4 hours / visit. Please inquire below for more information.


The postpartum doulas at Joyful Birthing share the philosophy of supporting couples to achieve a positive, empowering postpartum experience, on their own terms as they define it. Our practice is focused providing evidence-based guidance, respectful support, and staying current with best practices for supporting mothers, couples, and families through the immediate postpartum period and early parenthood. We serve the greater Boston area, including the South Shore, North Shore, seacoast New Hampshire, and surrounding areas.

Heather Magill, PCD(DONA)
Postpartum Doula & Sleep Consultant

Heather has been a DONA trained postpartum doula for eight years and became certified in 2014. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Cross-Cultural Studies and works as a doula for at-risk expectant and new moms through the nonprofit Pettaway Pursuit Foundation. Heather became interested in supporting new moms and families after giving birth to her first baby while living overseas and experiencing the difference it made to have her own mother’s support. Her passion is to help new parents find their own way forward as a family by acting as a calm, supportive presence. Heather is a certified Sleep Savvy Gentle Sleep Educator and Consultant. The Sleep Savvy program is breastfeeding- and attachment-friendly, and supports families in finding sleep solutions that balance everyone’s needs and goals. In addition to her work as a postpartum doula, Heather offers customized sleep support, so that families can choose the level of support that works for them. Heather believes each parent is unique and makes the choices that are best for their family but also that parenting works best when we don’t do it in isolation.

Tara Stevens
Birth & Postpartum Doula

Tara is a trained birth and postpartum doula with over 10 years of experience serving families. She began her doula practice focused on birth support, and she was humbled to witness the lack of postpartum care most families receive during the early weeks of parenthood. To expand upon her knowledge, Tara studied therapeutic massage, holistic newborn care, and breastfeeding support. She also organized a community childbirth education group in Asheville, NC that focused heavily on what to expect during the postnatal period. After the birth of her twin daughters in 2015, her appreciation for this work deepened even further as she and her family experienced postpartum doula care firsthand. Tara believes that our individual stories are unique, but our deepest needs as parents are universal – and that no one should have to go it alone. Whether she is demonstrating babywearing techniques, working with a baby to develop a comfortable latch, or offering new parents some much-needed reprieve during an overnight visit, Tara is committed to helping the families thrive during the raw, fleeting early weeks of parenthood. She is currently pursuing her nursing degree with plans to continue serving growing families as an RN in 2021.

Hilary Witcher
Birth & Postpartum Doula

Hilary is Birth and Postpartum Doula, trained by DONA International, and a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. Pregnancy and childbirth have been her passion since she found out she was pregnant with her first child over 11 years ago. Her birth and postpartum experiences – both wonderful and challenging – fed her spirit and inspired her to give back to other new parents. This passion has stayed with her through the years as she’s worked with families and her own children have grown. Hilary participates in both Mt. Auburn Hospital’s Volunteer Doula Program and Joyful Birthing’s Mentorship Program. Hilary is here to help you and your family along your journey of parenthood in an open, non-judgmental manner. From your pregnancy through your birth and beyond, her hope is that her knowledge, experience and support can help guide you to have a positive birth experience and to become the parents you know you can be.


To determine availability, please include the following (if applicable): your home location, number and age of children, estimated due date, anticipated postpartum needs (including day and/or overnight care, number of days / week, and anticipated duration of care).