Join Joyful Birthing’s extensive 10-Month Birth Doula Mentorship Program to take your doula practice and your business to the next level. Support and guidance is a key component to having a thriving and sustainable business. Joyful Birthing’s Mentorship Program strives to educate and empower new doulas, so that they can have the confidence and skill-set to have their own successful, independent businesses.

In the role of mentor, Ellie Lindenmayer- founder and owner of Joyful Birthing- is here to offer her guidance and support as you embark upon the exciting journey of becoming a birth worker. She will share with you the many keys to her success, will offer her expertise on a wide array of topics pertinent to having a thriving birth doula business, and will support you as she does her clients with compassion, respect, and availability.


Joyful Birthing's 10-Month Mentorship Program includes:

Monthly one-on-one mentorship sessions (via Skype or in person) to:

*Review your goals and your immediate “action plan”

*Review your any current clients and how to best support them

*Support the certification process

*Discuss aspects of business development and management, including website and marketing initiatives, setting fee structures, managing finances and taxes, best practices for social media use, getting proper liability coverage, and securing clients

*Discuss best practices for a variety of labor and delivery scenarios

*Answer any questions you may have or address any concerns

Access to Joyful Birthing’s Client Interview Packet, Prenatal Visit Handouts and Questionnaire, and our 5-Page Client Agreement (drafted by an attorney), which includes service agreement, liability release, and confidentiality agreement.

24/7 on-call phone and text support and availability for any birth attended during this time

Post-birth debriefing sessions

Option to audit a complete HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education course either in person or via Skype (many doula certifications require you to observe a childbirth education series)

The option to shadow at least one client relationship from the prenatal visit through the birth (contingent upon client agreement)

Referral opportunities for clients seeking low-cost or volunteer doulas.

Once you complete the program, the potential for future referral and partnership opportunities with Joyful Birthing.


The completion of a doula training program; if not yet completed, the interest and intent in doing so.

Genuine interest in supporting couples as they seek the best birthing experience, as they define it, with compassion, without judgment, and with respect.

Dedication to expanding one’s doula practice and business, with an eagerness to learn, improve, and understand evidence-based practices for pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding and the immediate postpartum period.


Joyful Birthing’s 10-month Doula Mentorship Program is $850. A minimum $200 deposit is required to reserve your space. Flexible payment plans can be arranged. Space is limited.


To apply for a space in the Doula Mentorship Program, please send an email to, which addresses the following questions.

Please explain your background and what led to your interest in working as a birth doula.

Why do you want to be a doula? Do you have any experience in the birthing world? What attracts you to this work?

Please explain your philosophy of birth. When you think about childbirth, what do you think? How would you explain your philosophy of birth to a prospective client?

What are your goals for this work? Where do you hope to be with your business within a year from now?


“After my birth doula training I felt excited and energized, but a bit lost as well. I wasn’t sure what my next steps should be, so I decided to seek out a mentor. I decided to work with Ellie as soon as I met her – her warmth, professionalism, and calm, encouraging demeanor were exactly what I needed to help me begin to find my way as a doula. Her insight, advice, and willingness to share best practices not only gave me some excellent tools for my own practice, but were a wonderful introduction to the inspiring and collaborative world of birth workers. I would highly recommend that anyone who has completed their doula training seek Ellie out as a mentor – she is amazing!”

-Jenny Putnam, CD(DONA), Owner, Balanced Birthing, LLC