Birth Doula Support


A birth doula is a trained childbirth expert, offering emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and the immediate postpartum period. She has expertise in a variety of coping strategies for the different stages of labor, utilizes different laboring positions to help facilitate labor progress, has familiarity with the common medical interventions and pain-medication options, and is often knowledgeable about natural alternatives, such as acupressure, aromatherapy, rebozo techniques, etc. To understand the full stope of what doulas do, have a look at the blog post: 20 Things A Doula Does.


Many people confuse doulas with midwives. A doula does not have formal medical training and is not responsible for the health and safety of mother and baby, which frees her up to meet the mother’s non-medical needs which are often left unmet by our current maternity model (including midwifery care), specifically continuous emotional and physical support. A doula only has one client at a time, so she can provide her client with 100% of her attention and care. On the contrary, a midwife has extensive medical training and experience, and is responsible for the health and safety of both the mother and the baby; therefore, she often does not have the time or energy to offer extensive emotional or physical support and comfort to the mother. Midwives are often managing multiple patients at a time, similar to OB’s.


There are so many benefits to having a doula. Evidence shows that doula support significantly reduces the risk of complications during labor & delivery and increases the mother’s satisfaction with her birthing experience. A doula fills in the gap left by our maternity care system, staying with the woman and her partner throughout the duration of labor & delivery (hospital staff and providers come and go, often leaving a mother and partner alone for long stretches of time), can help couples understand options available to them so they can make fully informed decisions about their care, and ensures that a couples birth wishes and preferences are honored and respected. To learn more about the benefits of doula care, check out this site: Evidence for Doulas.


The most common misconception about doula support is that a doula replaces a partner’s role. Every doula has a different approach and philosophy, but most doulas believe in the importance of the partner’s role and working together as the mother’s primary support team. The best doulas will support both the mother and the partner, empowering and guiding the partner to best support the mother. To learn more about how a doula and a partner work together, have a look at the blog post: Doulas Are for Partners, Too! 


Our standard doula package includes one free phone consultation and interview; 24/7 phone, text, and email support from the time of hire; one prenatal meeting at your home to go over your birth preferences and help to prepare you for the big day; attendance at the birth and immediate postpartum & breastfeeding support; one postpartum visit within 2 weeks of delivery; and one month of unlimited newborn & breastfeeding consultations via the phone.



Ellie & Hannah are both mothers, so they understand first-hand what it’s like to be pregnant, give birth, and have a newborn. They each have a wealth of professional experience in the birthing world and share the philosophy of supporting couples to achieve a positive, empowering birthing experience, on their own terms as they define it. Ellie & Hannah serve the greater Boston area, North Shore, seacoast New Hampshire, and surrounding areas.


Ellie Lindenmayer, HBCE, CD(DONA), CLC, MA

As a certified DONA International birth doula, I am here to support you and your partner throughout your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum period. I bring my heart and soul to each and every birth and am 100% committed to providing you with the unique support, guidance, and encouragement that you and your partner need in order to have the most positive experience possible. While I cannot guarantee the birthing experience of your dreams, I promise to be by your side and to support you and your choices with compassion and respect. I have attended over 60 births since 2014 across the greater Boston and North Shore area at over 15 area hospitals, and I have trained with the HypnoBirthing Institute, DONA, Gena Kirby Rebozo, Spinning Babies, and the American Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice.


Hannah Keyser, RN

I’m Hannah. I am a nurse, birth doula, and mom of two. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Our Lady of the Elms College in 2008, I moved to Boston and worked as a critical care nurse in the Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Over the last five years I’ve been working as a Labor and Delivery nurse and birth/newborn care educator at Anna Jacques Hospital while growing and raising my family. Supporting moms during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum stages has been a source of great joy and satisfaction for me. Becoming a Doula was a way for me to use my experience as a nurse as well as my passion for educating and supporting new moms. Every birth is unique and my goal is to help you obtain a beautiful birthing experience that is right for you as you begin the amazing journey that is motherhood.




In your initial inquiry, please include your home location, where you plan to birth, and your estimated due date. Based on doula availability, you will be matched with either Ellie or Hannah. Our schedules tend to fill months in advance, so we encourage interested clients to reach out sooner rather than later. We offer one free consultation over the phone as well as one in-person meeting to allow prospective clients to ask questions, get to know us and our services, and to determine if we are a good match.